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Samantha Hansen is a  visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Through a multitude of mediums ranging from collage to oil painting, she attempts to interpret the world through a psychoanalytical lens. In her work she recognizes that one of the most beautiful things about humanity is that although we may look, speak, and appear different on a surface level, we all contain a set of complex emotions within that make us unique.  Simultaneously, these emotions allow us the opportunity to find connections and similarities within other human beings. She is interested in the things that lurk beneath the skin, some of the emotions that we often feel we need to conceal and hide in order to conform to societal standards. Through her work she strives to expose and conceptualize these raw emotions through color and expressive mark making. 


Weaving Justice, Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery-Artistic Director 2021 

Future Portrait, The Art and Design Gallery at FIT, New York, NY 4/2019
Quart Century, Legendary Republic, Brooklyn, NY 1/2018
Thoroughly Tested, John E. Reeves, Great Hall NY, NY 5/2017
#WIP Exhibition, Urban Studio, JS+A Studio Seaport District, NY, NY 9/2016 • Urban Studio Unbound Spring Exhibition, Urban Studio, U.S.+U Gallery, Yonkers NY 4/2016

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